The concept of Co-Axe emerged through a university study of consumers' behaviour while I was completing my final year at the University of Sheffield Management School in 2013. Studies of current market conditions indicate that shopping habits have changed dramatically since the onset of the recent recession as consumers seek ways to spend less in the harsh economic environment and equally manufacturers and suppliers disposed to reduce costs in order to be able to compete. Therefore, collaboration between consumers and businesses has become the latest trend in money saving.


Although some group buying methods have been successful in recent years and regarded as a good way for saving money, I decided to test it out by using a slightly different strategy, which was creating a mutual wining proposition for all beneficiary parties.

In summer 2014, a group of my friends met in Istanbul. I was put in charge of organising a seven day event. I negotiated with a number of hotels and service providers to find the best and cheapest deal, which was not an easy task during summer holiday. The bargaining power, which was created and transferred to me by the group on top of encouraging businesses to work together, enabled me to pull in up to 30% of the initial offers from a well known hotel chain and service provider, which created a win-win outcome for all parties. Although my single trial is statistically insignificant, nevertheless, it shows what is possible. We had a positive outcome, which clearly indicates that acting in concert is an effective way to create more value for money than acting alone.

My experience in Turkey motivated me to pursue the idea and form a professional team in order to develop a new method of saving money. It creates a platform for connecting individuals as well as act as a bridge between ordinary consumers and businesses.

Co-Action helps individuals to have a better performance and create more value for money that enable them to axe costs, which is the story behind the Co-Axe name.

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Vision & Mission

Vision -
Co-Axe empowers individuals by linking them.

Mission -
Co-axe is strongly committed to search and negotiate the best option and deal for its clients in order to generate more value for money.

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