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Why Co-Axe ?

Image 1 Current group shopping sites and methods, which are the latest trend in money saving, represent an online marketing strategy unparalleled in its ability to target specific sales demographics and could be the ideal solution for any business seeking new customers or wishing to increase its existing customer base. Current business models demonstrate that most group buying sites operate in a similar way to one another: users receive emails everyday with local and national daily deals within a few hours to a few days time. Most of these offers are for treats, with purchases involving no prior planning on the part of users. Furthermore, most daily deals sites work on the basis that an offer will not become available until a particular customer threshold has been realised. Therefore, the possibility always exists that transactions may not happen. As a result, group buying sites offer no guarantees of bargains to customers.

Co-Axe, however, is developing an efficient way for saving money for consumers and businesses. At Co-Axe we combine traditional shopping skills, which are negotiation and collaboration, and the latest online and mobile shopping technology to enable clients to create more value for money.

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